A Visit to Ramle

I recently had the good fortune to visit the Karaite Synagogue in Ramle. Karaites have been living in Ramle for about 800 years–longer than Britain has had a parliament. Such a lengthy history is incredible, especially from an American perspective. The synagogue is a beautiful building with white tile lining the walls. The elevated platform has gorgeous wooden banners lining it. The Seferim (Torah scrolls) are particularly well adorned.

During the prayers, with about forty attendees, our voices reached a frequency that resonated with the building creating a powerful and awesome “hum” that only increased the energy of the prayers. This phenomenon has been recorded by historical sources back in ancient times and must have impressed the polytheists of the ancient world. It can be heard today, but only in the sanctuaries of those who stand as guardians over the ancient traditions of the Israelites, who keep the commandments of the Torah as they were meant to be kept, and who preserve for future generations what Talmudists would happily stamp out in the interests of maintaining their own power: the Karaim.

While I have been disappointed overall with Israel and its society, how poorly they enact the Torah, and how generally filthy this country is despite the endless provisions of the Torah that are concerned with cleanliness, I have never been more proud to be a Karaite nor have I ever felt more pride for our community. Our reputation in Israel is flawless: Karaim are seen as hard working, dedicated employees, decent people who lack the social ills that have befallen much of Israeli society (including infidelity, promiscuity, and general rottenness), and finally that we are known as clean people is the highest compliment that can be paid.

I have never doubted my decision to become a Karaite. Today, however, my faith in YHVH and the last vestiges of His holy community has been borne anew. Baruch Adonai Leolam, Amen veAmen!!!

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