Karaite Declaration of Faith

The uniqueness and oneness of YHVH as God and Creator.

The truth of the Torah as given to Moses.

The perfect nature of the [written] Torah which requires no additions or supplement.

The concept of a reward for those who keep the Torah.

The holiness of the Temple in Jerusalem and its status as a place to turn in prayer.

The beginning of months in the Biblical calendar according to the visibility of the Crescent New Moon

The beginning of years in the Biblical calendar according to the ripeness of the barley crops (Aviv) in the Land of Israel.

The truth and prophetic nature of the entire Hebrew Bible.

The truth and holiness of the Biblical Holidays and Feasts.

The eternal nature of God who rules the universe.

The concept of an Eschatological or “Messianic” Era in which all mankind will worship the one true God, YHVH.

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