Centrality of Torah

There are some basic concepts in the Jewish scriptures that can be easily overlooked by those who teach Judaism. To many Jews these things are so obvious that they do not need to be described. Perhaps one the most essential of the basics is that of scriptural ranking, or hierarchy of authority, and the relationships of … More Centrality of Torah


1. And YHWH said to Moshe saying: Speak to the Children of Yisrael, and say to them, and they shall make for themselves sisith [fringe/tassel] on the extremities of their garments throughout their generations, and they shall place upon the sisith [fringe/tassel] of the extremity a twisted thread of blue. And it shall be to … More Tzitzit

Controversial Rabbis

I recently read Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s article, The End of the Rabbi as Mr. Nice Guy. I follow Mr. Boteach’s website on a regular basis as I think he has a lot to offer American society. In general, I respect his opinions and find his writing to be thought-provoking and philosophically sound despite our theological … More Controversial Rabbis