Aviv Search

I was able to attend the aviv search for the very first time. We found a sufficient amount of ripe barley that the new year will begin at the end of the twelfth month. Happy New Year! Hashana Tova! If the barley is not ripe we must wait until a thirteenth month has passed and begin the new year at the next new moon.

The Torah commands us to observe the feasts based upon sighting the aviv each year, and based upon the sighting (or reasonable expectation of) the new moon each month. When the barley will be ready to harvest in time for the Chag Hamatzot (pilgrimage festival of unleavened bread) we may begin the new year. If not we extend the year by one month. This solar corrected lunar calendar has been in use for millennia.

Rabbinic Judaism uses a formula to predict the beginning of each month and year. They insert leap months when the twelfth month is early. Although our two calendar’s usually align, they celebrate the festivals a few days off from us.
In that the barley was barely just ripening this year before the end of the twelfth month it is quite possible that next year will be a leap year (will have 13 months). Naturally, this depends on many factors including the weather in Israel. YHVH will indicate when He wants his festivals to be observed according to the signs He provided.

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