The Source of Rabbinical Authority

Many arguments are made to justify the authority of the Rabbis. There are no Rabbis mentioned in the scriptural text, and modern Pharisaical/Rabbinical Judaism represents a significant departure from the Zadokite-led Judaism that prevailed before the Romans conquered Judea. What are some of the arguments in favour of Rabbinical authority that are based on the written Torah? … More The Source of Rabbinical Authority

The Noahide Laws

Noahides are a group of people who are not Jewish, who wish to live a Jewish lifestyle, and wish to have that lifestyle sanctioned by Jews. In order to accomplish this end they abide by a set of laws called the Noahide Laws. These laws are set for them by Jews. The Noahide laws are … More The Noahide Laws

Aviv Search

I was able to attend the aviv search for the very first time. We found a sufficient amount of ripe barley that the new year will begin at the end of the twelfth month. Happy New Year! Hashana Tova! If the barley is not ripe we must wait until a thirteenth month has passed and … More Aviv Search