The Talmudic Calendar

According to the Talmud the current year is 5770 (from creation). This number is, however, a farce, a kind of twisted joke. The Talmudic Rabbis took the Roman Calendar (ab urbe condita – from the foundation [of Rome]) upon which calendar (still used for official purposes in France and in some Orthodox Christian churches) the current year is 2763 (2010 + 753).

The Rabbis must have assumed that the beginning of the world happened about 3,000 years before the foundation of Rome. For some reason they also added seven years perhaps for mystical purposes or perhaps simply to differentiate the calendars. If you subtract 3,007 from 5770 you will arrive at 2763.

It is perhaps the cruelest irony that the Pharisees, who collaborated with the Romans even as the Temple burned and stood by and watched as it was then dug up to its foundation stones, incorporated the Roman calendar into their beliefs.

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