The Source of Rabbinical Authority

Many arguments are made to justify the authority of the Rabbis. There are no Rabbis mentioned in the scriptural text, and modern Pharisaical/Rabbinical Judaism represents a significant departure from the Zadokite-led Judaism that prevailed before the Romans conquered Judea. What are some of the arguments in favour of Rabbinical authority that are based on the written Torah? … More The Source of Rabbinical Authority

The Jewish Calendar

For a podcast discussion of this article click here. For a discussion on the reckoning of months and years in Karaite Jewish Tradition. The Jewish calendar is based upon the methods and descriptions provided in the Torah for calculating the passage of time. Rabbinical and Karaite traditions surrounding the calendar and its calculation vary. This … More The Jewish Calendar

Centrality of Torah

There are some basic concepts in the Jewish scriptures that can be easily overlooked by those who teach Judaism. To many Jews these things are so obvious that they do not need to be described. Perhaps one the most essential of the basics is that of scriptural ranking, or hierarchy of authority, and the relationships of … More Centrality of Torah

Do the Prophets Speak of a Coming Mashiach, End Times, and Resurrection?

The Zadokim (Sadducees) were the legitimate priests of Israel and were much celebrated in the histories of the Jewish People. The Cohen Hagadol (high priest) Zadok was prominent during the lives of David and Shlomo remaining loyal to the Davidic family and to Hashem. The Prophet Yekhezkel (Ezekiel) would later endorse this priestly party to … More Do the Prophets Speak of a Coming Mashiach, End Times, and Resurrection?

Yeshaiyahu 1-9

The last two posts I made on prophetic analysis covered my approach to scripture and prophecy and the context of Yeshaiyahu’s (Isaiah’s) prophecies.  This post discusses the first nine chapters of Yeshaiyahu, and subsequent posts will cover similarly sized chunks of this book. Before I discuss what I think are particular points of interest in … More Yeshaiyahu 1-9