In 538, Cyrus the Great of Persia conquered Babylon, incidentally ending the Babylonian Exile. He died in 530, and was succeeded by Cambyses II. Cambyses died in 522, and was succeeded by his brother, Bardiya, for a few months. Darius the Great then became emperor after a coup the same year. Haggai’s prophecies occurred in … More Haggai

A Reading List

I frequently interact with people who are new to Judaism and Karaism, and it often happens that they ask me for book recommendations.  The following are the books I recommend about Karaism in the order I would suggest reading them. As It Is Written. This is a slim volume containing a very basic introduction to … More A Reading List

Females and Feminism

A while back, Ladies Against Feminism drew my attention to an article featured in The New Atlantis: “The Global War Against Baby Girls”. In it, Nicholas Eberstadt of the American Enterprise Institute discusses the real and, apparently growing problem of gender selective abortion–specifically female feticide–in all its grim statistical detail. In order for populations to … More Females and Feminism