The Noahide Laws

Noahides are a group of people who are not Jewish, who wish to live a Jewish lifestyle, and wish to have that lifestyle sanctioned by Jews. In order to accomplish this end they abide by a set of laws called the Noahide Laws. These laws are set for them by Jews. The Noahide laws are … More The Noahide Laws

Women in Marriage

Some of my favorite blogs to read are written by or for conservative Christian women (both Catholic and Protestant). While I obviously have some disagreements with the religious views expressed in these writings, I often find that we have much more in common, and what we disagree on is expressed in such a way that … More Women in Marriage

Torah Keeping Christians

Despite the sensitivity of this topic to Jews and Christians alike, the trend of increasing Torah observance among Christians is important. There is an increasingly vocal presence of this Christian minority on the Internet. “Torah keeping” or “Torah observant” Christians are Christians who, recognizing that Yeshua (Jesus) was a Jew, and in an earnest desire … More Torah Keeping Christians