In 538, Cyrus the Great of Persia conquered Babylon, incidentally ending the Babylonian Exile. He died in 530, and was succeeded by Cambyses II. Cambyses died in 522, and was succeeded by his brother, Bardiya, for a few months. Darius the Great then became emperor after a coup the same year. Haggai’s prophecies occurred in … More Haggai

Ritual Cleanliness

While many Torah topics are pleasant and intellectually stimulating, some are unpleasant and at times a little uncomfortable to speak about. In our modern society few topics are as uncomfortable as bodily fluids and death. This article will be about the Torah’s rules regarding both. There are many interesting aspects of this topic to explore, … More Ritual Cleanliness

Courtship Vs. Dating

Whether one is speaking of marriage in Judaism or in our society general, no single factor is a greater predictor of success or failure than the choice of partner. As obvious as it might seem, this factor can be one of the most difficult to understand in our modern society. So many marriages fail because they should … More Courtship Vs. Dating

Who is a Jew?

For Jew and non-Jew alike, nothing perplexes like the fundamental question of who is a Jew. Rabbinical Judaism is matrilineal, a person whose mother was Jewish is a Jew . Karaite Judaism is patrilineal, going by the father. There are “Jews” who claim the title ethnically but who do not practice Judaism or have any connection to the Jewish community. So, who is a Jew? … More Who is a Jew?