Ritual Cleanliness

While many Torah topics are pleasant and intellectually stimulating, some are unpleasant and at times a little uncomfortable to speak about. In our modern society few topics are as uncomfortable as bodily fluids and death. This article will be about the Torah’s rules regarding both. There are many interesting aspects of this topic to explore, … More Ritual Cleanliness

Courtship Vs. Dating

Whether one is speaking of marriage in Judaism or in our society general, no single factor is a greater predictor of success or failure than the choice of partner. As obvious as it might seem, this factor can be one of the most difficult to understand in our modern society. So many marriages fail because they should … More Courtship Vs. Dating

Who is a Jew?

For Jew and non-Jew alike, nothing perplexes like the fundamental question of who is a Jew. Rabbinical Judaism is matrilineal, a person whose mother was Jewish is a Jew . Karaite Judaism is patrilineal, going by the father. There are “Jews” who claim the title ethnically but who do not practice Judaism or have any connection to the Jewish community. So, who is a Jew? … More Who is a Jew?

The Source of Rabbinical Authority

Many arguments are made to justify the authority of the Rabbis. There are no Rabbis mentioned in the scriptural text, and modern Pharisaical/Rabbinical Judaism represents a significant departure from the Zadokite-led Judaism that prevailed before the Romans conquered Judea. What are some of the arguments in favour of Rabbinical authority that are based on the written Torah? … More The Source of Rabbinical Authority

The Jewish Calendar

For a podcast discussion of this article click here. For a discussion on the reckoning of months and years in Karaite Jewish Tradition. The Jewish calendar is based upon the methods and descriptions provided in the Torah for calculating the passage of time. Rabbinical and Karaite traditions surrounding the calendar and its calculation vary. This … More The Jewish Calendar


The prophet Tsephania (Zephaniah) was active during the same time as Y’remiyahu (Jeremiah), and like his contemporary, was concerned with the sack of Jerusalem and conquest of Yehudah. Like Yermiyahu, Tsephania was not a professional prophet, but a man of position and pedigree. While Yermiyahu was a priest closely related to the High Priest and … More Zephaniah

A Reading List

I frequently interact with people who are new to Judaism and Karaism, and it often happens that they ask me for book recommendations.  The following are the books I recommend about Karaism in the order I would suggest reading them. As It Is Written. This is a slim volume containing a very basic introduction to … More A Reading List